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Automotive Manufacturer

Ford Sterling Axle Waste Water Treatment Plant

DFM Solutions is one of the few select Aligned Business Framework Partners to this Detroit-Based Automotive manufacturer.  We have been providing Tier One facility services for this customer since our inception in 2007.  We currently service 7 manufacturing plants, covering more than 17 million square feet, located in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and New York.

Facility Types: Assembly, powertrain, stamping, and components manufacturing plants.

Facility Service: Janitorial and cleaning, snow and grounds, space and move Management, sub-contract management, waste water treatment plant operations, scrap steel baler and overhead crane operations.

Maintenance Services: Scrap steel baler and overhead crane maintenance, preventive maintenance support, and crane inspections.

Project & Engineering Services: Small construction project management. Plant project management, design, and coordination.

Value Add

DFM Solutions implemented Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) process in customer locations to contribute to the health and safety of all workers by eliminating the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. The use of SAO eliminates the need to purchase, transport, distribute, store, and restock multiple cleaning products. This innovation improved the safety of employees and significantly lowered the cost of cleaning by eliminating costly cleaning chemicals.