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Automotive Manufacturer

Automotive Manufacturer (FCA)

DFM Solutions provides facility and maintenance services at two powertrain manufacturing complexes, covering nearly 4 million square feet of facility space, for a Detroit-Based automotive manufacturer and has been doing so for more than eleven years.  DFM Solutions provides 24/7/365 operation maintenance and repair, including holidays and shutdowns, with 100% adherence to shutdown schedules.

Although the majority of work performed for this customer falls under the category of maintenance services, we also provide facility and project & engineering services as to allow this customer to maintain the work under one contract.  Our scope of work for this customer has substantially expanded over the years, as DFM Solutions has proven to be a trustworthy and reliable partner in delivering World Class Manufacturing service solutions.

Maintenance Services Air compressor O&M, chiller O&M, electrical distribution/powerhouse O&M, cooling towers O&M, coolant filtration systems O&M, bulk fluid/oil/waste storage and delivery, rooftop process and equipment heating/cooling, and plant production equipment support.

Facility Service: Network/IT support, visual factory, site refrigeration system program management, building management systems operation, and facility energy usage reporting.

Project & Engineering Services:  Hoist/crane installation, LED lighting conversion, construction and plant project management, equipment upgrades and improvements, onsite layout, electrical and HVAC engineering support, and construction project management. Plant project management, design, and coordination.

Value Add

Upgraded coolant flow controls and reduced electrical consumption on central coolant filtration systems by installing VFD’s on process pumps resulting in a savings of $389,970 annually.

Optimized plant compressed air usage by implementing an ultrasonic leak detection program to identify and reduce compressed air leaks. Added small trim compressor to accommodate plant demand in-leu of operating larger inefficient compressor, annual savings over $200K.